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Chairman in Pakistan


From the executive president of the company chosen by the board of directors accused of presiding over the committee and the board meeting. From the sets, they often have a powerful chairman of the board in office and in teaching how to vote.

For example, the race for the president of the Assembly is endowed with an equal disposition for any type of work and is waiting to be done by consensus of opinion with the circumscription of the board.

Director of Board

The president is the director of the board and the directors of the company. A board of directors is a group of people who represent the elected shareholders.

A mandate for the board to establish policies for business management and supervision of the problems of the majority society in decision making. It is a representation of the board of directors and the administration of interests and shareholders, and generally, that external and internal member. Each public company must have a board of directors.

When the president of the Senate and the House of Representatives discuss the presidents he has received government, private and official members. A Senate president may be the holder of this position will be won by the majority of the members.

President of Chamber

The president of the Chamber is the custodian of the Federation’s remains and politically they have time to run. The president represents and treasure banks.

In the absence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the President of the Republic. Now that the system is the first among equal presidents elected by secret ballot by members sitting in the Senate.

The president of the State must be the form of consideration. The members have the right to wait, even if it belongs to the president and they appointed in their place of the party or their functions, they will be taken to vote. At the same time, hoping for assistance available to all members of the party president.

The president presides over the official presidency of all ships in meetings to ensure that they are carried out in order and in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the Business Rules on the procedure and behavior of the Senate.

The president of the legislative norms and use it as much as his body in the norms of the Senate Chamber applies. He explains it and applies it to the members of the points of the President’s order about the state of his laws and his orders and that a state of affairs that meets the needs of man.

Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani belongs to the province of Balochistan and is the first youngest president of Pakistan and is also a Pakistani politician. He is on the 8th president list and also the current president of the Senate of Pakistan.

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