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Chief Justices of Federal Shariat Court


The Shariat Federal Court of Pakistan, condensed as FSC, is a renowned court. That has the capacity to see and decide whether the laws of the nation are in accordance with Islamic Shari’a law.

This court was created in 1980 and is located in the government capital, Islamabad. It consists of 8 Muslim judges selected by the President of Pakistan after advising the President of the Supreme Court of this Court.

Judges Acting

Among the acting or renounced judges of the Supreme Court or a Superior Court or among persons who have the capacity of judges of a Supreme Court Equity Najmul Hassan Sheik is the current President of the Supreme Court of the court in 2017.

Position Period

Of the 8 judges, 3 are required to be Ulema, who have knowledge of Islamic law. The judges hold a position for a period of 3 years, which the president can inevitably extend.

The progress against their elections lies with the Shariat Appeals Bank of the Supreme Court, which consists of 3 Muslim judges of the Supreme Court and 2 Ulema, appointed by the President.

In the event that any part of the law is declared against Islamic law, the legislature is required to find a way to correct that law in an appropriate manner. The court also practices the review room on criminal courts, choosing Hudood cases.

Elections of the Court

The elections of the court are official in the Supreme Court as a subordinate legal executive. The court delegates its own staff and exceeds its own standards of the method. Since its founding in 1980. The Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan has been the subject of analysis and debate in Pakistani society.

The president of the Federal Court of Shariat heads the Federal Court of Shariat of Pakistan. The President of the Supreme Court of the Shariat Court is the second most notable legal office in the nation, after the President of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The current president of the Shariat Federal Court is Judge Sheik Najam ul Hasan, who set to work on May 15, 2017.

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