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Chief Minister of Sindh

Chief Minister (Sindh)

The prime minister is the head of a government elected in the Sindh elections in Pakistan.

Syed Murad Ali Shah is the Chief Minister (CM) of Sindh. Syed Murad Ali Shah is a Pakistani political and structural engineer, currently the 36th Chief Minister of Sindh, and a member of the Sindh Parliament. The Constitution of Pakistan establishes the principle of qualifications that must be met to be admitted to the Office of the Prime Minister.

The prime minister is

• Pakistani citizens

• Must be a member of the legislature.

PM Pakistan

The chief minister is elected by a majority of the legislature. This is established by a vote of confidence in parliament, as suggested by the majority party, which is the power of appointment.

The prime minister is the head of the state government, but the governor of Sindh is the nominal head, or “de jure leader,” who does everything under the leadership of the prime minister.

CM Sindh

Chief Minister Sindh is elected by the Sindh Parliament and presided over by the State Parliament. The prime minister’s office is located in Karachi, the capital of Sindh. And is known as the CM Secretariat. The CM secretariat is headed by the Chief Executive Secretary of the Chief Minister. The chief minister is an officer of grade BPS-21 or grade BPS-20 and generally belongs to the administrative services of Pakistan.

List of some of the main ministers of Sindh

Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah

• Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah (January 1879 – October 4, 1948) was a Pakistani politician from Sindh. He has held various positions in Sindh, including the prime minister (1937-1938). And was re-elected as the fifth chief minister (1942-1947).

Muhammad Ayub Khuhro

• Muhammad Ayub Khuhro (August 14-19, 0101), a Sindh politician from Pakistan. Became prime minister after Pakistan’s independence, and then served two more terms in the 1950s.

Muhammad Umar Sumro

• Muhammad Umar Sumro (May 1900-14, 1943). It is considered one of the best premieres in the state. He was called Shaheed or “Martyr.” Allah Bux Soomro was born in 1900 with Shikarpur. President of Bombay and a wealthy family. From March 23, 1938, to April 18, 1940, and from April 18, 1942, to October 14, 1942. He founded the Sind Ittihad party and served as Chief Minister Sindh. He was killed in 1943 probably by religious extremists.

Mir Bandeh Ali Khan Talpur

• Mir Bandeh Ali Khan Talpur was a Sindh politician in Pakistan. From April 14, 1940, to March 7, 1941, Mir Bande Ali Khan Talpuru became Chief Minister of Sindh.

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