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Cleanest Country in the World

Cleanest Country in the World

Cleanest Country in the World: For example, the land will reduce carbon emissions, one of the family, to protect the forest. Try a small amount of green on the wall earth, reducing environmental risks. Cleanest Country in the World, If you want to know something. what is the best thing you did to make the world leave your country, and of these, 10 of the countries of the world?

Cleanest Country in the World: Norway Pollution control act

Norway Pollution control act
Norway Pollution control act – thegkworld

Norway pollution control act, This is the worst place on this list that has been affected by 10 countries in the world. In some protection scores, the performance index put Norway at 78.04. Norway pollution control acts as a nation in the world rankings, it is better to help you in the best country in the world.

Cleanest Country in the World: Sweden

Sweden – thegkworld

After Norway, Sweden became the country of the world. The performance is 78.09. Sweden, In most countries with rich and strong natural resources thanks to its market in the world and its customers with the highest quality in the world.

Cleanest Country in the World: Austria

Austria - thegkworld
Austria – thegkworld

Austria, Scores of electronic tools (last performance index), which was given to Austria, which makes 78.32 8 countries in the world. Austria can be perceived in the peace of the world. Austria has a strong market and a wide variety of local history halls to walk around.

Cleanest Country in the World: Spain

Spain – thegkworld

Spain was sent to the Kingdom of Spain and the high-performance index, which covers around 79.79 7 countries in the world. Spain still has a name as one of the most popular tourist centers in the world and in history, thanks to a series of history that can be seen in.


It can be attributed to the world thanks to Index 80.47. Things have received. Germany and has called the largest national audience in the world and is considered the most popular of 3

Two urged the world’s world center, which is the strongest in the United States and Russia.

Note: Cleanest Country in the World

Cleanest Country in the World: Czech Republic

The list of the most classified as the fifth cleanest country in the world with the index of 81.47 arrives. The Czech Republic from other countries in the world to limit it to Austria and Germany may not have paid attention to that region of the world. The total population of the country is estimated at 10,513,209 people.

Cleanest Country in the World: Singapore

This is an island that is located in Asia and is widely known as one of the largest and most important shopping centers in the world. It is also one of the five most active ports in the world, but it is not as well classified as the country in the world and is the cleanest in the index type 81.78. Singapore is also highly ranked among the other names in terms of education, good health and 3 countries in the world with a head GDP (PPP), which would be approximately $ 64,584, but unfortunately, it is highly ranked in terms of one of the greater income inequalities in the world.


The third cleanest country in the world with an index of 82.4. Australia is one of the cleanest countries in the world, but it is still classified as the first country in the world in terms of giving the best mark of life that makes people in love are satisfied with the emotional life in which they live. The region has a total population of approximately 23,627,800 words to be classified as 4 countries in the world in life expectancy is not high.


The latest estimate of Luxembourg’s electricity scores was 83.29 to 2 worldwide. Luxembourg is a country rich in people with all the needs of life and peace, and the low weakness of crime, cleanliness, and industry. The 2 highest GDP per person, in addition to history, which attracts visitors to the location and to the world


Enclose the universe is the best position in the shape of the planet is 1 Index 87.67. There are many people in the world. The reasons behind Switzerland is that peace is good, pure air, pure water, and pure water. For several reasons, does not participate in the war of 1815, for peace, and is not saved. The basis of corruption to the stability of the industry is strong in the history and natural attractions of the quality of life for a long time.

cleanest countries in the world - thegkworld
cleanest countries in the world – thegkworld

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