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North American Countries

List of North American Countries

North American Countries: The continent of North America is one of the three main contenders for the category of the largest continents on earth. North America ranks third on the list of the largest countries and contains more than nine million. Three hundred fifty-five thousand square miles of land. The landmass extends from very close to the North Pole beyond the equator for a length of more than five thousand miles.

North American Countries: Old Bearded man

Antigua and Barbuda can accommodate around 103,850 people. Everyone living in Antigua and Barbuda shares a combined land area of one hundred and seventy square miles. That is by no means a lot of lands, so a low population is suitable for a country of this size.

North American Countries: The Bahamas

North American Countries The Bahamas thegkworld
The Bahamas

The Bahamas has a total population of around 402,234 people, since 2019. With a total area of around 3,865 square miles. There are about 104 people per square mile of land in the Bahamas.

North American Countries: Barbados

North American Country Barbados
North American Country Barbados

The total area in Barbados is estimated at only one hundred and sixty square miles. The population of Barbados is approximately 286,928 inhabitants, which makes Barbados the fourth-most densely populated country in America. In terms of the population size of the country compared to the available country.

North American Countries: Belize

North American Belize
North American Country Belize

North American Countries: Belize is good for 388,509 people in the world. The total area of this North American country is just over 8800 square miles of land and water regions.

North American Countries: Canada

North American Country Canada

North American Countries: Since 2019, 37,206,128 people live in Canada. Located just north of the United States of America, Canada is a landmass that occupies 3,511,022 square miles of space.

North American Countries: Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

North American Countries: The population of the North American country of Costa Rica is currently 4,988,945 inhabitants. Costa Rica, With a total area of 19,714 square miles, Costa Rica’s population density is around two hundred fifty-four people per square mile of land.

North American Countries: Cuba


North American Countries: Cuba has a population of 11,491,378 people in a total area of 41,097 square miles. Cuba With these two variables in mind, it is determined that the population density of the country is two hundred and eighty people per square mile.

The Savior

North American Country: El Salvador has a current population of 6,437,767 people and the population continues to increase over the years. El Salvador consists of exactly 8,000 square miles of land.

North American Country: Pomegranate

North American Country: Granada has a population of 108,743 inhabitants. The total area of Granada is only 133 square miles of land.

North American Country: Guatemala

North American Country: As of 2019, there will be approximately 17,502,412 people living in Guatemala. the total area of country sharing is 41,375 Square Miles.

North American Country: Haiti

North American Country: The population of Haiti is a total of 11,213,470 people. Haiti extends a total distance of 10,641 square miles.

North American Country: Honduras

North American Country: More than nine million people live in Honduras, with an exact population size of 9,534,356 people. The total area is 43,201 square miles.

North American Country: Jamaica

North American Country: Jamaica has a population of 2,904,612 people. All live within the parameters of 4,181 square miles of land.

North American Country: Mexico

North American Country: Mexico has 131,973,107 inhabitants, but this number is expected to increase continuously, according to the trend of the Mexican population in the past. North American Country Mexico The total area of the country in Mexico covers 750,563 square miles.

North American Country: Nicaragua

North American Country: Nicaragua is a country in North America with 6,336,144 inhabitants. The total land area would be a combined total of 46,464 square miles.


North American Country: With a population of more than four million inhabitants, Panama is home to 4,211,796 people. The total country sharing area of Panama is 28,703 Square Miles.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

North American Country: Saint Kitts and Nevis consist of only one hundred square miles. With a population of only 56,233 inhabitants, Saint Kitts and Nevis have the smallest population of the twenty-one countries in North America.

St. Lucia

North American Country: Saint Lucia has a population of 180,276 people. With a total area of two hundred and thirty-six square miles. There are approximately seven hundred and sixty-six people per square mile of the area.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

North American Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a country that 110,423 people call home. The total area of this North American country is a large sum of only one hundred fifty-five square miles.

Trinidad and Tobago

North American Country: The population of Trinidad and Tobago is 1,374,802 people, which makes the country the fifteenth largest in all of North America. Trinidad and Tobago have 1,981 square miles in total.

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