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Pakistan Sports Board Islamabad – thegkworld

Pakistan Sports Board Islamabad – thegkworld

Pakistan sports board Islamabad – thegkworld: Khaqan Babar, joint secretary of the Interprovincial Ministry (IPC), has been appointed Director-General of the Sports Council of Pakistan (PSB) for an additional cost in addition to his ministerial functions.

DG Pakistan Sports Board

He was appointed DG PSB for a period of three months or until the publication of the ordinary general manager. You will have the right to withdraw the additional compensation that is eligible under the rules.

Khaqan Babar

Khaqan Babar, perhaps the slowest and least concerned general manager that the PSB has recently seen complete his sterile three-month term, the sports brotherhood continues to question the usefulness of this white elephant (PSB) that covers kilometers of land in the heart of the capital.

From time to time go to the offices of the PSB and you will find a new bureaucrat sitting on the chair of the general manager (DG). Learn the art of managing a sports organization and try to equip yourself. With the knowledge necessary to maintain the connection with the federations and athletes.

In recent times, some DGs like Khaqan Babar has not even bothered to get involved in the most pressing needs of domestic sports.


In the era of the sports revolution around the world, especially in neighboring countries. We continue to watch their athletes in action nationwide. The PSB has kept its mother full for the past year as if it had nothing to see.

During the past year, the PSB has seen no fewer than five CEOs who have changed the guard, Khaqan Babar being the last. Like other ad hoc DGs, he was also extraordinarily careful in carrying out daily or even normal jobs.

Important Issues Pakistan Sports Board

So much so that he also paid little attention to important issues that led to total chaos. No PSB employee has any idea what the future of this organization would be, which has contributed so much in the past, especially during the time it was really active.

PSB Operations

The PSB’s Pakistan Sports Board operation has been virtually paralyzed for over a year. Whether it’s organizing national camps for future international events, coaching appointments, issuing regular annual subsidies to federations, things are paralyzed.

The aphorism has practically ruined the foundations of this important department. Almost all sports federations have awaited the release of their annual grants prescribed in the past ten months and that wait seems to be courtesy of the slow pace of the government.

PHF: Pakistan Sports Board

Assuming that there are some sports federations such as the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF). That has been fortunate enough to get large grants from the federal government in the past three years. There are Pakistan Sports Board others that depend practically on government funds. No annual grant release means little progress on your part.

As the South Asian Games approach, quick and emotional support is needed for those athletes who are competing to represent the country in the Games. The question arises as to why the aphorism has no end.

Modern Countries Pakistan Sports Board

In the modern world, countries are known for their experience in the sport, Which is perhaps the most effective tool for presenting their company abroad.

Since no effort has been made in the recent past to have a professional general manager Pakistan Sports Board of this important sports institution. The PSB operation has gone from bad to worse. What you need is a full-time professional sports manager. Not a part-time employee who would simply be there waiting for the next post.

Poor Performance Pakistan Sports Board

It would be useless to cry for spilled milk in case Pakistan has a poor performance in important international events in the future. The rough treatment of the PSB will really contribute to the result.

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