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All educational institutions Going to Reopen

All educational institutions Going to Reopen: The decision to end weekly weekends for educational institutions. In educational institutions Winter holidays will not be granted this year, the decision will apply to educational institutions in the federal capital Islamabad.

All educational institutions Going to Reopen: weekly holiday

The decision to end weekly holidays for Islamabad educational institutions will not be extended this year. Educational institution’s decisions will apply to educational institutions in the federal capital Islamabad. According to details, the Federal Ministry of Education has decided to end the weekly holiday on Saturday for all educational institutions in the capital Islamabad.
It has been informed that the ministry has decided not to give winter vacations in educational institutions this year. Educational Institutions officials at the Federal Ministry of Education said the decision was made to repair the damage caused during the school year. Teachers will make special preparations for the weaker students on Saturday.

Matriculation and Intermediate examinations will be taken with a delay of 15 days. Regular orders have also been issued in this regard. Educational Institutions Instructions have been issued to the Federal Directorate of Education. While the heads of educational institutions have been directed to prepare the framework as per the academic calendar. It added that while the educational institutions are expected to open from September 15.

All educational institutions Going to Reopen: Final Decision

The final decision in this regard will be taken at the meeting on September 7. It should be noted that Educational Institutions were closed in March due to the spread of Coronavirus in the country. Educational institutions will now open in phases from September 15. Initially, only the matriculation and intermediate classes are being considered. The start of primary and middle classes will be allowed from September 28.
Important Statement by the Provincial Minister for School Education Murad Ras regarding the recent administrative transfers SIS application has been opened for teachers with new options.

Under Administrative Transfer

All teachers who were sent under administrative transfer can select one of the existing schools on the system for their transfer till September 6.

Educational Institutions, Teachers sent under administrative transfers must select the school within the allotted time

Secretary SED Ms. Sarah Aslam chaired a meeting of Heads of all Attached Departments / Autonomous Bodies on Thursday at SED Secretariat. Special Secretaries and all Additional Secretaries of the department also attended the meeting.
Educational Institutions, Strict compliance of SOPs / Guidelines related to Dengue prevention, COVID-19, and Safe opening of schools were instructed. Compliance certificate by each department to be submitted within three days.

Considering the genuine grievances of the teachers related to Administrative Transfers, the following decisions have been taken for redressal grievance.
Educational Institutions, Teachers can register their complaints via the SIS app or by calling at SED Hotline (042 111 11 2020).

Educational Institutions, Provincial Minister for School Education Dr. Murad Rass chaired an important online meeting on precautionary measures and implementation of SOPs in boarding schools.

Meeting was held in boarding schools after school reopening to implement SOPs regarding the prevention of Coronavirus.

In Educational Institutions, Principals of 16 Danish Schools, 7 Cadet Schools, and Aitchison Schools and Colleges attended the meeting.

Well, the option should be given to parents between online classes and in school classes. It’s not something opening economic activities. It’s about our children.

Provincial Minister for School Education

Provincial Minister for School Education Murad Rass meets private school owners in Lahore

Educational Institutions, Secretary School Education Punjab Miss Sarah Aslam also attended the meeting

The meeting was held to take into confidence all the stakeholders related to SOPs and precautions regarding school opening.

At the meeting, all the school owners presented their suggestions regarding SOPs and precautions.

Educational Institutions, We have to work on opening schools while ensuring the safety of our students

Schools will be allowed to be open to teachers only 5 days a week for teacher training.

All private school owners have assured full cooperation with the government and implementation of government policies.

Educational Institutions, The final decision on opening the school will be taken at the inter-provincial meeting in the first week of September

Thanks to the support of private school owners in difficult situations thanks to Kavid 19K

Private school owners must also provide their teachers and other staff with thorough training on how to avoid coronation.

We need to take comprehensive measures to protect students so that parents can send their children to school satisfied.

Educational Institutions, Special care must be taken for the cleanliness and sanitization of all private and government schools

All private school owners are requested not to increase fees at all in these difficult circumstances

Secretary School Education Punjab Meeting

Most rigid govt and ministry ever seen in my life. Educational Institutions, This work could be done earlier in the previous 5 months which is being conducted today. Unplanned policies and confused people ever seen.

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