Email Marketing job
Email Marketing Job

About the job

Email Marketing Job: Please read the complete Job Description before applying. This is a FULL-TIME Remote Position Only.

Email Marketing Job
Email Marketing Job

We are a company providing end-to-end IT services and solutions with 24+ partnerships and IT vendors (e. g., ManageEngine, Quest, Veeam, and Microsoft) to help organizations worldwide solve their business and IT challenges.

As part of our expansion, we are looking for a full time reliable, dedicated, and remote Email Marketer. You will be part of an ethical organization with a start-up mentality that values you and only focuses on halal earnings.

As a team member, we expect you to handle all Email Marketing and business activities. Thus, your job will be diverse but focus on creating value for the organization and its clients.


  • Experience in email marketing, including building subscriber lists.
  • Develop and execute email campaigns, working with deadlines and set forth emails according to the calendar.
  • Develop and execute email marketing strategies for new and existing customers.
  • Develop and use email personalization to improve email performance.
  • Develop programs via manual and triggered campaigns across the customer lifecycle including prospecting, win-back, nurturing, post-purchase, loyalty, retention, surveys, and transactional emails.
  • Collaborate with Digital marketing team, gather creative content and links necessary to execute campaigns.
  • Generate leads and build relationships by nurturing warm prospects and finding new potential sales.
  • Well-versed in the concepts of retention marketing via email campaigns.
  • Manage deliverability, inbox rate and reputation of domains and IP’s.
  • Produce and execute all emails, including building emails from templates and HTML, copywriting, asset coordination, QA, and scheduling & monitoring deep analytics and performing actions based on them.
  • Execute A/B tests, manage the testing calendar, record results, and advise on improvements. Testing includes subject lines, message content, CTAs, customer cohorts, segments, send time, and new features intended to drive performance lift.
  • Maintain daily and weekly reports on email progress.
  • Build effective target audiences and segments for every message to drive engagement and revenue performance against KPI goals.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration (Marketing), or relevant field or work experience.
  • 2- 5 years’ experience in relevant field.
  • Ability to showcase company’s offerings in a compelling way.
  • Strong Skills in Email Deliverability and in Spamming Issue (DKIM, SPF, DMARC, MX).
  • Should be aware with web analytics that tracks reports and website traffic.
  • Data curious and willing to take initiatives and driven to solve problems.
  • Strong communication skills (spoken and written)
  • Ability to multi-task while remaining deliberate to achieve deadlines.

Working Environment:

  • Full-time remote job.
  • 8 hours per day (Monday to Friday)


  • High sense of ethics.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Procedure oriented work.
  • Open to multiple cultures.
  • Fluent, Dynamic and Honest.

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