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Governor of Balochistan

Governor of Balochistan

Governor of Baluchistan is the head of the provincial government of Baluchistan, Pakistan. The position was created by President Yahya Khan on July 1, 1970, unlike the other provinces, where the cabinet has been maintained since its founding in 1947. Although the governor is a paper leader, it is largely a ceremonial position; and the main powers lie with Baluchistan’s chief and chief secretary Baluchistan.

But the power of the governor has greatly increased in times of governor’s administration, where the government gains the provincial power, which usually follows the provincial assembly or the declaration of war security. Office managers with the governor’s government were Akbar Bugti (1973-1974), Ahmad Yar Khan (1974-1977), Rahimuddin Khan (1977-1984), Amir-ul-Mulk Mengal (1999-2003), Zulfikar Ali Magsi (2008 -2013), Zulfikar Ali Magsi (2008-2013), Muhammad Khan Achakzai (2013-2018), and acting Governor Abdul Quddus Bizenjo. Violation by the judiciary Amanullah Khan Yasinzai serves as the 24th governor of Balochistan since 4 October 2018.

List of few Governors of Balochistan:

Amanullah Khan Yasinzai (born 7 August 1954) is the 24th and current governor of Baluchistan. He is a former judge in the Supreme Court of Balochistan
23rd Governor of Balochistan was Muhammad Khan Achakzai is a Pakistani Politician.

Nawab Zulfikar Ali Magsi (born on February 14, 1954, in Jhal Magsi, Balochistan) was the 20th governor of the province of Balochistan since February 28, 2008, to June 9, 2013, and the director of Balochistan since January 14, 2013.

A leader of the Pakistani Muslim League (Nawaz), Baloch, served cards as governor in Balochistan under the Pervez Musharraf government in 2003.

Imran Ullah Khan was the Lieutenant General who was born on Dec. 3, 1932. he was a Retired General in Pakistan Army. He prohibited the boss of the Balochistan province from the PPP-led government from May 1994 to May 1997.

Sardar Abdul Rahim Durrani (1922–2007) was a retired brigadier general of the Pakistani army and served as governor of Pakistan’s Baluchistan province from 1994-1995. Durrani was born in 1922 in Quetta. During his 35 years of service, he worked in different capacities and reached the rank of brigades before his retirement in 1979. He has three sons, Colonel Sardar Amjad Naeem Durrani, Nadim Durrani, and Imran
Sardar Gul Mohammad Khan Jogezai

was also the Governor of Balochistan, Pakistan from July 1991 to 1994.
November 18, 1984, Lieutenant General Khurshid Khan Afridi served as a governor of Balochistan to December 30, 1985.

Afridi was the last military governor in the province of Balochistan
Nawab Akbar Shahbaz Khan Bugti (12 July 1927 – 26 August 2006) who served as Prime Minister of the Interior and Governor of Balochistan Province in Pakistan.

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