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Most Wickets in Test – thegkworld

Most Wickets in Test – thegkworld

Most Wickets in Test – thegkworld: On October 2, 2017, in the first test match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka’s left-handed vertigo, Ranjana Herath, joined the list of shooters who took 400 cricket tests.

In 140 years of cricket testing, only 14 players have received Most Wickets in Test more than 400 text messages. In this article, we give details of all the players who have taken more than 400 texts in the cricket test.

Most Wickets in Test-Taking 300+

Taking Most Wickets in Test 300 or more actions in a career as a player is an important achievement in the cricket test. This achievement of Englishman Fred Truman was first achieved in 1964 by only 33 cricket players in the history of the game in October 2018.

Six players from Australia, five from England, India and South Africa, four of the West Indies, three from Pakistan, and Sri Lanka Two New Zealand crossed Most Wickets in Test 300 text markers in the tests. Bangladesh and Zimbabwe No player has seen up to 300 brands.

Muttiah Muralitharan Most Wickets in Test

As of October 2018, former Sri Lankan cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan had the largest collection of 800 wikis. He also holds the record for more than five-wicket sets (67) and ten-wicket sets in the game (22). His 16 games for 220 races against England in 1998 is the fifth player with the best performance in the game.

Ashwin Most

Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is the fastest to pass 300 points (54 tests), while the late West Indies player Malcolm Marshall has the best bowling average (20.94) among those who came to the master.

Lance Gibbs

Lance Gibbs’ partner, West Indies, is the most economical player with 1.98 exercises per envelope.

While legendary South African player Dale Steyn has the best number of goals with 42.3 balls per team. Anil Kumble, from India, has the best bowling characters in a single game (ten lots versus 74 races against Pakistan in 1999).

In global lists are dominated by modern players for the tendency of countries to increase the number of test games they play Most Wickets in Test. Sri Lanka’s vertigo, Muttiah Muralitharan, became the largest wicket examiner in December 2007. When he surpassed a total of 708 for Shane Warney.

In one year, the equivalent success record was changed for the best scorers: Sachin Tendulkar defeated Bryan 11,953. Most of the dismissals of goalkeeper Mark Boucher of South Africa were recorded. While Rahul Dravid set the record for more catches.

Manchester test Most Wickets in Test

English basketball player name Jim Lacher in the 1956 Machester test match received 19 texts for 90 races (19-90). That not only determined the test record for the best match figures. But also at the highest level. By taking 10-53 in the second round, he became the first symbolic player to get the ten victories in a test inning. And his analysis remains the best number of entries. Indian Spinner, Anil Campbell, is the only other player who acquired 10 wikis at one time and claimed 10-74 against Pakistan in 1999.

Most Wickets in Test - thegkworld
Highest Test Wickets in Cricket

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