How to change my social URLs? Facebook | Twitter | Insta | YouTube | LinkedIn
Change My Social URLs

Change my social URLs

How To Change My Social URLs?

  • Outline:
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Social URLs
  • Why Change Social URLs?
  • How To Change Social URLs on Popular Platforms
    • Facebook
    • Twitter / X
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
  • Best Practices for Changing Social URLs
  • SEO Considerations
  • Monitoring and Updating Links
  • Benefits of Updated Social URLs
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs
  • Article:
Change My Social URLs
Change My Social URLs


In the modern digital age, social media plays an indispensable role in our daily lives. Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are among the platforms that have transformed the way we connect with others.

While also serving as essential tools for personal branding and business promotion. An integral part of your social media presence is the URL, a unique web address linked to your profile. This article will explore the process of changing social URLs and the benefits it brings in elevating your online presence.

Understanding Social URLs

Change My Social URLs
Understanding Social URLs

Social URLs, also referred to as profile URLs or vanity URLs, are personalized web addresses that direct users to your social media profiles. Unlike random strings of characters, these URLs usually contain your name or a version of it, simplifying the process for others to locate and recognize you on social platforms. For example, a standard social URL could resemble “ name” or “ username.

Why Change Social URLs?

There are multiple incentives for contemplating a change to your social URLs. The primary reason is that employing a personalized URL contributes to the establishment of your personal brand, enhancing its memorability and professionalism.

Moreover, if you are currently utilizing a default URL provided by the platform, it may consist of a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols, making it difficult to remember or share with others.

How To Change Social URLs on Popular Platforms

Let’s dive into the process of changing social URLs on some of the most popular platforms:


To get started, access your Facebook account and navigate to your profile page Follow the Given Steps.

  • Next, click on the “About” section and choose “Contact and Basic Info setting .”
  • Look for the “Username profile” option and select “Edit edit” to enter your preferred username.
  • Facebook will then check if the username is available. If it is, simply click “Save Changes save” to apply the update.”

Twitter / X:

  • Log in to your Twitter / X account and click on your Profile picture noun profile 1774262 e1690867274451 to access the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Settings and privacy setting,” then go to the “Account” section.
  • Under “Username,” type your preferred handle and click “Save save.”


  • Open the Instagram app and go to your Profile page profile.
  • Tap “Edit Profile edit,” then under “Public Business Information,” choose “Username.”
  • Enter your new username and tap “Done” to save save the changes.


  • Log in to your LinkedIn account profile and go to your “Profile page“.
  • Click on “Edit public profile & URL edit” on the right side of the page.
  • Under “Edit your custom URL,” type your desired custom URL and click “Save save.”


  • To set a custom URL for your YouTube account, begin by signing in and accessing your “Profile picture profile .
  • From there, click on “Settings setting” and navigate to the “Advanced settings” section.
  • Within “Channel settings,” locate and click on the option labeled “Create custom URL.”

Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully establish your personalized URL.

Best Practices for Changing Social URLs

When changing your social URLs, consider the following best practices:

Consistency: Try to maintain the same username across different platforms to improve brand recognition.

Simplicity: Ensure that your username is short, easy to remember, and devoid of special characters or numbers to maintain simplicity.
Before finalizing a new username, verify its availability on all desired platforms.
To avoid legal complications, refrain from using trademarks or copyrighted names in your URL.

SEO Considerations

Changing your social URLs can impact your Search Engine Rankings, so it’s essential to consider SEO implications.

When you modify your URL, search engines require some time to re-index your profiles using the new URLs. This procedure might lead to a temporary reduction in visibility, but it will gradually improve over time.

To lessen its effect, make sure you update the URLs on your website, blog, and other online platforms to match the modifications.

Monitoring and Updating Links

After changing your social URLs, it’s crucial to monitor and update any links that point to your previous profiles.

If you’ve shared your social media URLs on other websites, business cards, or marketing materials, update them with the new URLs. This ensures that visitors can still find and connect with you seamlessly.

Benefits of Updated Social URLs

  • By changing your social URLs and customizing them to match your name or brand, you can reap several benefits:
  • Improved Branding: Personalized URLs create a strong and consistent brand image across different platforms.
  • Memorability: Custom URLs are easier to remember, leading to increased traffic to your profiles.
  • Professionalism: A professional and customized URL reflects your dedication to your online presence.
  • Searchability: Custom URLs can improve your search engine rankings and visibility.


In conclusion, changing your social URLs is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your online presence and personal branding.

By following the best practices and considering SEO implications, you can create a memorable and professional online identity. Embrace the process of customization, and watch how it positively impacts your social media engagement and connections.


1- Can I change my social URL multiple times?

Yes, most social media platforms allow you to change your URL, but try to avoid frequent changes to maintain consistency.

2- Will changing my social URLs affect my follower count?

No, changing your URL won’t affect your followers or connections on social media.
Is there a fee for changing social URLs on platforms?

3- Generally, changing your URL is free on most platforms.
Can I use spaces in my custom social URL?

No, spaces are not allowed in URLs; use hyphens or underscores instead.

4- What if my desired custom URL is already taken?

If your preferred username is taken, try adding numbers or using variations until you find an available option.

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