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How to create CMS in PHP – thegkworld

How to create CMS in PHP – thegkworld

How to create CMS in PHP: In this lecture, we are going to learn how to create a management system in PHP and MySqli.

In this lecture #1, I am going to show the demo of the complete Content Management System.

We are also going to learn how to Create an admin profile, User profile, admin handle all the data, and also learn how to give access to another user. also learn how to create a User Profile. and much more.

Demo | How to Create CMS in PHP

For complete Course visite: Computer Courses Development

CMS in PHP: Installation WAMP PHP CMS framework

The First Step to Install the WAMP Server for PHP.

Next Step Open the localhost.

After that go to the www directory that used in the WAMP server.

Paste the Project demo like it in www Directory.

To access the Project in our Browser just click in the URL Tab of your browser.

After Clicking the URL tab Click and write the address to access the project in www directory like. “localhost/project folder name/index.php” file.


Open Project in browser How to create CMS in PHP, php cms framework

CMS in PHP: What do we learn in this Course User/front end in our CMS?

First, we go to learn how to create a CMS System just demo.

After That we check the Main Categories in our Title bar, We can add some Categories in our Title Bar. (PHP cms framework)

CMS in php Title Bar in our project
CMS Title Bar

After that, we going to learn how to work the Search bar in our CMS.

How to create CMS in PHP

blog search bar
Blog Search Bar

How to fetch Data after your desire search when you check post according to your search.

POST features in CMS user/front ends

The First step showed the Title of the Post.

The 2nd Step Shown the Post By “Author Name”.

The 3rd Step Showed Date of Post.

The 4th Step Showed the Image of Post.

The 5th Step Showed the Detail Description of the Post.

The 5th Step Showed the Read More Button When we click on the button then shown post on a separate page with all Details.

Complete Post view
Complete Post view

Video Tutorial

Demo CMS in PHP

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