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How to Create a Database Mysql – thegkworld

How to Create a Database Mysql – thegkworld

How to Create a Database Mysql – thegkworld: In this lecture, I am going to show how to set the root directory and create a database in PHP my-admin.

The first step goes to the root folder, How to Create a Database Mysql

My root folder www/cms,

I have already some folder in our CMS folder.

The 1st folder is the Admin panel.

We discuss Admin Panel later in Detail.

The admin panel folder 2nd folder is CSS.

CSS folder Contains all of our Styles Files.

Fonts folder we have. That takes all the fonts in our projects. we can use many other fonts.

Fonts are used for user Attraction in our site and understand easily according to the font and shapes. (PHP cms framework)

We use JS Java Script in our CMS Project and use a separate JS folder in our root directory. (PHP cms framework)

After that, we have index.php and post.php files in our root directory.

How to Create a Database Mysql - thegkworld
Root Directory

How to Create a Database (PHP cms framework)

After the root directory, we are going to create a database for our project.

1st go to the localhost. (PHP cms framework)

click PHPMyAdmin.

Set folder and database | CMS PHP
localhost | PHPmyadmin

Create a DATABASE (PHP cms framework)

Go to a database. (PHP cms framework)

Click to create the database(cms).

There are two(2) tables in our cms

1. categories,

2. posts.

How to Create a Database Mysql (php cms framework)

Categories table having 2 number of columns,

1. cat_id,

2. cat_title.

How to Create a Database Mysql, categories table number of clumn
Categories Table
Categories Table

After Creating Database and Tables in our CMS System, We are just going to the insert tab in our localhost database option. (PHP cms framework)

when we go to the insert tab option click on the button insert.

you can insert data manually in this section of the Database.

In Categories, we just having cat_id, and cat_title. (PHP cms framework)

in cat_id are auto-increment and cat_title we need to put manually title of categories, just like the PHP, CSS3, bootstrap, HTML5, MySQL, etc.

Video Tutorial

Vidoe Creating Database

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