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Important Institutions of Pakistan – thegkworld

Important Institutions of Pakistan

Institutions of Pakistan: Pakistan army and intelligence agency, and Intelligence Services (ISI). As long as the power structure in the country. It helps protect recruited increases in Kashmir and Afghanistan, and the government sometimes these things to Pakistan’s security forces for war today.

Institutions of Pakistan: Pakistan’s army chief

Pakistan’s army chief has been in political turmoil in the previous Pervez Musharraf took power in a 1999 coup d’etat. He started with the order of things he can do with the reformer. The liberalization of the economy and the means of communication, and to go after the militants in three different points.

However, it moves by its own civilian between 2007, the declaration of a state of emergency and the repression of the uses of the judiciary and the large-scale media pro-democracy Ap.

Because of Musharraf in the rule, and they left from the city to the country is traditionally defenders of civil society groups in the feeding of the player. The dynamics of the power of the soldiers bent to be played with that large
Supreme Court and the Judiciary.

Institutions of Pakistan: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

The chief justice of the Supreme Court-appointed by the president. As of the Constitution of Pakistan, the judiciary is independent of the executive branch and placed it at the head of the religion of the independent rule of law.

The Supreme Court of the judicial party of the highest-ranking systems-wide that does not have the power of our own. They have come from the documents of the time of the public in matters from which they derive from their ability to examine the question of the importance of a just solution. And that in relation to the application of the rights of some very large.

Right of liberty

These include the right of liberty and the right of liberty and its countenance, and of being the righteous: their right with others.

There is also the first governor in the court of the passage through the four provinces. They are in possession of other civil and criminal cases. To exercise the power of the Federal Shariat Court has eight which includes the Muslim judges of Pakistan. Including the chief justice appointed to the President.

This island is the interpretation of the reasons for the court. St. Paul R. Newberg points out the legal expert in his knowledge of the state. The court, the constitutional policy of the pure market magistrates of Pakistan. The judges are thrown into the constitution to make a system of separation of powers.


However, the Constitution must take into account that it is in many DUI careers or unconstitutional changes. Either on their own or in public health matters of this: what they have done.

On the three occasions when the military coups expelled democratically elected governments in the region. “the trial not only does not have to verify the change of extra-constitutional regime but also liked complicity in order to confirm won against of the law.” Says the 2004 report of the International Crisis Group (ICG).

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