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ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates – thegkworld

ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates – thegkworld

ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates
Questioner Guideline ISSB for the Candidates

ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates – thegkworld

1: Co-education should be there or not?

Co-education is a better way to develop students with thoughts of equality. Co-education is integrated education of both the sexes in the same institution.

This helps in increasing more self-confident and rational citizens for a country. There are several other benefits of co-education.

ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates: Benefits of Co-education

Children grow up with confidence in themselves.

1st Point

Lesser or no feeling of awkwardness/shyness towards the opposite gender.

2nd Point

They learn practical equality for each gender.

3rd Point

2: Role of politicians in the development of Pakistan?

The political history of Pakistan clearly specifies the domination of state foundations over political parties. Politicians are the essential component of a democratic system and a major catalyst of political development.

Their productive role not only enhances the extent of political development within the country but also promotes a way of ownership and belonging among the masses. Their strength strains political development and their wastefulness surely promotes political decay.

3: Do talk shows have a good or bad impact?

Talk shows are playing the main role in shaping awareness. The researchers have conducted surveys.

ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates

The study originates that, TV viewers watch talk shows regularly and that they consider talk shows to be useful programs. Researchers displayed that Pakistani electronic media is more useful. We can move with this digital world by getting various kinds of information from talk shows.

ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates

4: Is education more important than skill?

Education is more important than skill. It is the main source of enlightening the world. OftenSometimes education is the only thing that stands in the way of someone’s success even when they are highly able. As today a lot of people have a ton of skills but they didn’t know how to behave with parents? Education is to realize knowledge, to find out things.

5: Whose role (father or mother) is more in raising a child?

Mothers characteristically play an encouraging role with their children, providing much-needed emotional support. As well as caretaking more than traditional fathers.

ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates


While also caretakers are primarily providers and need to focus more on that in order to benefit the family unit in other ways. Mothers are more important because they have more to offer a child. A mother always puts the family before her and she never gives up. She has a very strong bond with the children.

6: Is education or poverty the reason for unemployment in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the condition of unemployment is leading towards a depressing state and the main reason is the poor education system, which is running under the government.

ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates


The educational system is very bad and most of the population is uneducated. Many talented students leave their studies thanks to the unjust educational system. Many of the educational institutions are just selling degrees that have no value because the students do not gain any skills.

7: Are there chances of war on the Water issue?

Pakistan and India have already had a minor water brawl, in 1948 when choked the water flow toward Pakistan. Partition bestowed India an advantage, as the headwaters were located in its region. Leaving Pakistan exposed to India’s physical capacity to cut off vital irrigation water.

ISSB Questioner Guideline for the Candidates


As a result, India reserved restrictive Pakistan’s share of water. Seeing the likelihood of another conflict between the 2 neighbors. The international community plunged in to repair the Indo-Pak water crisis. With the help of the World Bank, both states finally agreed to the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) in 1960.

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