Magical Dubai

Have you ever wondered what makes Dubai truly magical? From its gleaming skyscrapers to its bustling souks, discover the enchanting allure of this cosmopolitan city and uncover the secrets behind its captivating charm.

Magical Dubai: Experience the Magic of December in Dubai—a season filled with cooler temperatures and a contagious festive spirit, drawing visitors and locals alike. Revel in a bustling calendar of events, featuring holiday festivities, cultural showcases, and live performances that infuse Dubai with vibrancy and allure.

Prepare for a delightful journey through Dubai’s December offerings. Witness the city’s metamorphosis into a pulsating center of jubilation, offering a diverse array of activities catering to every passion and curiosity.

Magical Dubai
Magical Dubai

Immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey like no other at KRASOTA, the narrative-driven restaurant at The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai. Crafted by Boris Zarkov, Anton Nenashev, and renowned Michelin-starred chef Vladimir Mukhin, this unique dining experience seamlessly merges immersive scenography, visual art, and haute cuisine, inviting guests to discover the depths of Dubai’s mystical charm through the lens of culinary excellence.

Step into the AI-empowered Imaginary Art Show, an eight-course extravaganza inspired by late 19th and early 20th-century masterpieces. Beginning in an opulent pink hall with tantalizing appetizers, guests are then ushered into an intimate private room, catering to a select 20-person audience. Each course is an artistic rendition paired with captivating storytelling, intertwining the essence of the artwork it represents.

But that’s not all – the Imaginary Future show adds a futuristic twist to the narrative, presenting seven compelling scenarios through cutting-edge storytelling, pixel-perfect animations, and interactive games, complemented by a seven-course avant-garde menu.

Set in an auditorium with curved walls, the stage for this culinary theater features a grand circular table, inviting diners to indulge in a 3D multimedia performance. Expect mesmerizing projections of contemporary art pieces as each course unfolds, dedicated to an artwork and its unique narrative.

Dive into Dubai’s exhilarating shopping extravaganza with the highly anticipated ‘Dubai Super Sale,’ where unparalleled discounts and unbeatable deals await savvy shoppers, transforming the city into a paradise for bargain hunters.

Dubai’s mystical charm – Savor the Artichoke Curry, an ode to Nicholas Roerich’s Himalayas, or the tantalizing Black Cod infused with Plum and Fig, inspired by Ivan Aivazovsky’s The 9th Wave. This exceptional show boasts an Amuse Bouche, eight meticulously curated courses, eight visual acts, and two signature drink pairings, promising an unparalleled dining spectacle.

Magical Dubai
Imaginary Art Show

Presented through a collaboration with the Sri Lankan Consulate General in Dubai Magical and the Sri Lankan Embassy in UAE, and supported by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, the Ceylon Food Festival guarantees an immersive celebration of Sri Lankan cuisine, promoting culinary tourism.

This culinary spectacle will gather esteemed suppliers and experts in the food and beverage industry, alongside captivating live music and enchanting performances by a prestigious Sri Lankan dance ensemble, promising an unforgettable experience.

“Embracing a culinary identity that stands out amidst global flavors, Sri Lankan cuisine holds immense promise as a destination highlight when presented overseas,” expressed Chalaka Gajabahu, Chairman of the Sri Lankan Tourism Promotion Bureau.

Enthusiastic attendees can anticipate encounters with distinguished chefs, influential personalities, and avid food connoisseurs while relishing an assortment of traditional and distinctive Sri Lankan delicacies amidst Dubai’s mystical charm. Beyond the culinary offerings, the event boasts engaging non-food stalls, live musical acts, DJ performances, and specially curated activities for children, all set within the enchanting ambiance of Dubai’s magical allure.

At its core, the festival aims to acquaint Dubai’s international audience with the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan gastronomy, spotlighting the nation’s unique culinary heritage encapsulating prized ingredients like cinnamon and tea. Embracing cultural spectacles, live music, and a vibrant non-food market, this event promises an immersive journey into the heart of Sri Lankan culture and hospitality.

Gearing up to run from December 8, 2023, to January 14, 2024, offering a 38-day extravaganza filled with unparalleled shopping, entertainment, and diverse experiences. It’s a pinnacle moment in Dubai’s yearly schedule, featuring incredible shopping bargains, captivating raffle draws, competitive events, dynamic concerts, and a plethora of activities. Throughout the DSF, the city will be transformed into a lively center with bustling outdoor markets, impromptu gatherings, and remarkable shopping experiences within malls and lifestyle hubs.

DSF Drones Show:

Running from December 10, 2023, to January 14, 2024, this complimentary event will showcase a mesmerizing drone exhibition at Bluewaters and The Beach. Each night will host two shows, intertwining fairytales with Emirati culture and envisioning Dubai’s future.

Dubai Lights:

The city will dazzle with lighting masterpieces by international artists, adorning landmarks in Al Seef and the Gold Souk.

Hotel Getaway Packages:

Several hotels citywide offer tailored packages catering to various budgets, ideal for romantic retreats or family holidays.

Culinary Delights:

For food enthusiasts, the festival presents a culinary paradise with a wide range of dining choices, from upscale restaurants to cozy eateries.

Lively Outdoor Markets:

Experience Dubai’s pleasant winter climate at diverse outdoor markets offering distinctive fashion, jewelry, and delightful food selections.


The festival will be brimming with live concerts, comedy shows, and performances by both local and international artists.


The DSF Mega Raffle and the ENOC Grand Raffle provide opportunities to win cars, cash prizes, and more.

This year’s DSF guarantees an even grander and more sensational experience, catering to everyone amidst Dubai’s delightful winter weather. It’s an ideal occasion to explore the city’s attractions, seize unbeatable deals, and create enduring memories.

The Kid LAROI, known for his dynamic stage presence and chart-topping hits, including the viral sensation “Stay,” will be headlining this exclusive one-night show. With a global fanbase captivated by his music, his setlist will feature crowd favorites like “Thousand Miles” and “Without You.”

Joining him on stage is the acclaimed English DJ, Jonas Blue, recognized for his smash hits such as “Fast Car,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Rise,” “Mama,” and “Polaroid.” This collaboration promises an evening filled with electrifying performances and unforgettable tunes, creating an event that music enthusiasts and those seeking an exhilarating live experience won’t want to miss.

Anticipation for the event is high, especially with Virgin Radio slated to unveil additional artists. Attendees can expect an enthralling night brimming with The Kid LAROI’s passionate music and Jonas Blue’s chart-topping tracks amidst Dubai’s mystical charm.

Magical Dubai
Dubai Design District

A renowned festival celebrating lifestyle and street culture. This year’s edition boasts a jam-packed schedule, including live performances, DJ sets, sports tournaments, workshops, and talks. Busta Rhymes will headline the event, commemorating Hip Hop 50 in collaboration with Mass Appeal, spearheaded by rap icon Nas.

The festival will present a diverse lineup of artists, such as Jadakiss, Tobe Nwigwe, Big Daddy Kane, Soulja, and the Sudanese-American talent ODDISEE. Attendees can revel in performances by DJ Shadow, Lil Zey, Nadine El Roubi, Sampa the Great, Omar Offendum, Ma-Beyn, and many other regional stars.

SOLE DXB 2023 guarantees an immersive fusion of music, culture, and art. Dubai’s mystical charm With activations and programs showcasing designers, creatives, and brands from the entire region, the festival also includes a competitive basketball tournament, offering a comprehensive celebration of contemporary youth and culture.

This winter, immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience at Zero Gravity’s Bongo’s Bingo Christmas Special. Combining the electrifying essence of a Queen tribute with the joyous vibes of the holiday season, this event invites you to belt out Queen’s iconic hits and timeless rock tunes while getting into the festive groove.

Bongo’s Bingo isn’t your average music showcase; it’s a lively social affair boasting classic bingo, dance showdowns, intermittent rave sessions, and active involvement from the audience. Embracing a blend of nostalgia and pure entertainment, attendees stand a chance to win an array of whimsical prizes, ranging from colossal pink unicorns to top-notch karaoke machines.

Get ready for an unforgettable night of comedy at Movenpick JBR Dubai as the Selfdrive Laughter Factory presents an epic end-of-season celebration in December 2023. Perfect for friend gatherings or office parties, this event boasts a stellar lineup of globally renowned comedians guaranteeing an evening filled with endless laughter. With a mix of humor, refreshments, delicious food, and lively interactions, it’s set to create a vibrant and festive ambiance.

Leading the show Magical Dubai is Kelsey De Almeida, known for his witty, sharp, and unfiltered humor. Joining him is Mark Maier, an esteemed actor from BBC sitcoms and movies, and a mentor to Catherine Tate. Imah, an award-winning stand-up comedian who transitioned from a corporate job to comedy, brings her unique comedic flair. Adding a local touch is Maher Barwany, offering his distinctive perspective on life in the UAE.

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