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Most Polluted Countries in the World

Most Polluted Countries in the World – thegkworld

Most Polluted Countries in the World – thegkworld: This article is a list of 10 countries and regions in the world that are considered the dirtiest. These countries and you do not want to do that for some time.

Most Polluted Countries in the World: Being on air pollution is not a healthy lifestyle, even if you already live in developing countries. Remember: The salvation of pollution comes from the most acute.

1- Most Polluted Countries in the World: Bahrain

Most Polluted Countries in the World: Bahrain is an Islamic state. The state has experienced many crises in the last 3 to 4 years of economic and political power. Most Polluted Countries in the World, The high-income country of Bahrain, which has many opportunities for working. People from a variety of fields, come here with studies. The state is rich in oil reserves. Oil brought to a slave state, and there was a lot of business. Business is the cause of the unclean spirit. Air separation at 57 ug / m3 P.M2.5 on average. Most Polluted Countries in the World, Dust and can cause pollution in Bahrain. Bahrain, not only of men. According to divorce statistics, 1.3 million people live in the city. This is only because it is the state of the air for energy production.

2- Most Polluted Countries in the World: India

Most Polluted Countries, India, according to the market quickly. The country also in many countries in the world. It is number 3. India is not established. Some people nearly every part of the world. The air pollution problem is currently in India. India currently announced the development. The development cost in India, such as chocolate. Most Polluted Countries, The City of New Delhi total peace and sixty-one step further pollution on earth. The level of pollution in India twice in the P.M2.5 59 / m3.

3- Most Polluted Countries in the World: United Arab Emirates

Most Polluted Countries, UAE is especially rich in the country around the world. The home is a kind of climate to meet due to market oil and gas. In a country rich in oil and gas well. Because they did not open, and the multitude of other areas in a matter of businesses in the UAE. UAE federal government currently uses various ways to reduce impurities in the country. Most Polluted Countries, Dubai has announced Car Free Day to reduce air pollution. This is a mid-level pollution P.M2.5 61ug / m3. UAE 8 games in the world.

4- Most Polluted Countries in the World: Mongolia

Most Polluted Countries, Moob state. The country is the largest population. For all the citizens of almost 2.5 million. That the earth is to meet them in the winter, during cold weather. Most Polluted Countries, During the air up to about 40 harvests. Because in him, to eat a lot, too, the situation of violent storms, the calculation of the. Stone so that heat is refined. The sum of copper and inhuman. Most Polluted Countries, On average P.M2.5 64ug / m3. 7 Mongolia in the world that use infection.

5- Most Polluted Countries in the World: Egypt

Most Polluted Countries, And because of many of the car industry pollution Egypt. The smoke pollution hot from industry and cars in the country. The country may experience heavy swell. At Babylon, the greatest city of the salvation of the level of pollution has more than 20 pollutions. And the people are reported to be a little dirty water is better than the WHC. Most Polluted Countries, Charcoal, wood is also the fundamental values of the land. It’s a low pollution 74ug / m3 average of P.M2.5.

6- Most Polluted Countries in the World: Iran

Most Polluted Countries, Iran is located in Italy. How pomp due to politics and America. Often, due to the pollution in the Iranian political instability. Power without restraint and a strong back. That is what 4 through ten of the pollution in the world. Iran’s dirty flag for use in gasoline. The average grade for P.M2.5 of 76ug / m3 pollution.

7- Most Polluted Countries in the World: Bangladesh

Most Polluted Countries, Bangladesh developed countries. However, most Chinese small country. The public does not know. The pollution because people do not know about pollution. Thus knowing they were told pollution in the United States. Most Polluted Countries, Bangladesh, covering 4 in the world. 3 of 25 foul-city in the world. To the pollution 79ug / m3 average of P.M2.5.

8- Afghanistan

Most Polluted Countries, Afghanistan is the most dangerous in the world. 2001. As the ground and let the United States began in the United States after the 9/11 events. Pollution and let the public know that the food is good and often burn results. Most Polluted Countries, And the mountain, and it also causes problems to pollute. According to their opinions about 3000 people who died because of air pollution each year to the city of Kabul. Afghanistan is 84ug / m3 pollution in the P.M2.5.

9- Qatar

Most Polluted Countries, Qatar is rich in oil products. Qatar is the country’s prosperity. Qatar Airlines in a company that is well above the world. This, however, does not make sense, especially at that time. Most Polluted Countries, The international air travel for air operation with 2 contaminated. Qatar is no longer live only 2 million people. 2 united is the highest in the world. P.M2.5 step ladder air pollution 93ug / m3.

10- Pakistan

Most Polluted Countries, Pakistan from the highest pollution levels in the world. One’s country must be against the firm they are not so many problems such as the State, poverty, ignorance, and the number of the population is established in the industry. All the reasons are that a lot of people in the world. Most Polluted Countries, This serious disease occurred in the country. During the years following (80) of the hospital because of pollution. Children under the age of 5 years, and are not affected by the higher weather forecast. Almost 5 million children affected by the disease to respiratory failure. P.M2.5 pollution level 101ug / m3.

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