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Motorway rape news DNA match

Motorway rape news DNA match

Motorway rape news DNA match
Motorway Women rape news

Motorway rape case news, none of the 15 people arrested did not have a DNA match.

Motorway rape news DNA match: The government decided to test the DNA of all the people in the Kroll Valley, Several people were arrested and DNA samples were taken in connection with the rape of a woman on the Lahore Motorway. However, it is now being reported that the first 15 people whose DNA was taken were among them. No DNA match has been played since. Now DNA sampling of the entire Karol Ghati village will be done. A stadium has been set up in Karol Ghati village in which a laboratory has also been set up for taking tests of men and youth.

Motorway rape news DNA match: DNA News

All the people will be brought here, their DNA will be tested and they will also be interrogated by the police. Samples of the affected woman have also been found.

Motorway rape news DNA match, It will take four to five days for the forensic report to come. On the other hand, 70 people with criminal records were shortlisted by the police in the waterway abuse case.

Motorway rape news DNA match: SSP Zeeshan Asghar

SSP Zeeshan Asghar said that according to the Joint Investigation Team, all the persons are residents of the area around the scene. Motorway rape news DNA match, They came on foot and returned on foot. The footprints of the accused are being identified with the help of a detective. He said that justice would be provided to the victim in any case.

Motorway rape news DNA match: It is to be noted that in the heartbreaking incident of the gang rape of a woman on the motorway, the victim was dragged out of the car in front of her minor children and was taken out of the car. After the worst violence, she was raped. Motorway rape news DNA match: However, there has been a strong reaction from the public, including legislation and public executions of the accused in order to prevent such incidents in the future.

Motorway rape news DNA match: Police said that professional search teams have also been formed to nab the accused, search teams are working with the police, while police officers also visited the spot. Police have made important revelations in this regard, media reports said that police sources said that the woman was tortured during and before the rape.

The new IG reached Punjab Motorway

The accused have reached the village of the accused, evidence has been found to reach the accused. IG Punjab Inam Ghani.

Lahore: IG Punjab Inam Ghani, who took charge of the post yesterday, said that the accused have reached the village of the accused. Motorway rape news DNA match, He said that he took notice of the incident as soon as he took charge of the post. We are trying to reach the accused. We have already reached the village to which the accused belong.

Motorway rape news DNA match Evidence

Motorway rape news DNA match: We have got evidence to reach the accused. If there is any incident from Attock to Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab Police is responsible for it. IG Punjab further said that I will not burden anyone. This is our responsibility. And we will reach out to the accused. Motorway rape news DNA match, At this time, there should be no debate as to whose responsibility it is. We caught the accused in cases of abuse and also brought them to justice.

Motorway rape news DNA match: The victim’s family is being taken care of. The incident of rape is regrettable but the accused will be brought to justice soon. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Shahbaz Gul said in a message on social networking site Twitter. Motorway rape news, About 12 suspects involved in the gang rape have been arrested. In his tweet, he said that the CCOP was leading the Lahore investigation team on the instructions of the Punjab Chief Minister.

Motorway rape news Urban and Rural Policing Techniques

Motorway rape news According to Shahbaz Gul, urban and rural policing techniques are being used in the investigation. The Special Assistant said that police have so far arrested about 12 suspects, while detectives, CCTV footage, and DNA An investigation is underway with help. Motorway rape news It may be recalled that a woman was gang-raped in front of her children near the Gujjarpura area of   Lahore yesterday.

Motorway rape news, While traveling from Lahore to Gujranwala on the motorway, the woman’s car broke down, during which some unidentified persons suddenly appeared and smashed the glass of the car parked on the road. Motorway rape news, The woman and her children were in the car. The suspects pulled the woman and children out of the vehicle, cut the safety wire of the motorway, and took them to nearby bushes where they were raped.

Motorway Abuse Case: 25 Recorded Accused of Missing Villages Revealed Missing

Motorway rape news LAHORE: While searching for the accused of raping a woman on the motorway, it was revealed that 25 recorded accused are missing from Karol village and adjoining villages.

According to police, a search and sweep operation is underway in the area of   5 km near Eastern Bypass where the woman was raped and during the operation it was revealed that 25 recorded accused are not in their homes, their search is on.

Motorway rape news, On the other hand, the police have taken DNA samples of 53 people from 3 villages, all of whom are between 20 and 35 years of age.

Besides, IG Punjab Inam Ghani said that information was also being sought from the Election Commission and NADRA in the case.

IG Punjab said that no DNA match has taken place yet, if any progress is made in this regard, we will inform ourselves.

Motorway rape news: Background of the incident

On September 9, a woman was gang-raped on a motorway in the Gujjarpura area of   Lahore.

Motorway rape news, According to reports, two men broke the glass of a car parked on the motorway and took out the woman and her children, cut the net around the motorway and took them all to nearby bushes, and then raped the woman in front of the children.

Motorway rape news, According to the FIR, a woman from Gujranwala was returning to Gujranwala from Lahore with her two children in her car at around 1.30 pm when her car ran out of petrol on Ring Road near Gujjarpura.

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