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Pakistan Army | Indian Army

Pakistan Army | Indian Army

Pakistan Army | Indian Army: The disparity of the east, between India and Pakistan, and between the tensions between the two nuclear weapons of the soldiers, who were neighbors of the manufacture of many take notes.

Pakistan Army | Indian Army


According to the latest figures from the International Institute for Art (IISS) and the arms of the United States-based Government Association. There are some significant differences between the two countries (Pakistan Army | Indian Army).

Spent more than $ 11 billion in Pakistan (3.6 percent of its GDP) in India was about $ 58 billion (2.1 percent of its GDP) in defense, according to the IISS.

Pakistan Army | Indian Army

Pakistan People

Pakistan to more than 200 million people have about 653,800 soldiers home. India, with a population of more than 1.3 billion people, has an army of soldiers, more than 1.4 million (Pakistan Army | Indian Army).

Pakistani armored vehicles

The Pakistani armored vehicles and projectile weapons of the engines with the support of the soldiers, 2,496 4,472 1,605 lakes.

India, on the other hand, has more than 3,565 tanks, armored vehicles, and 336 pieces of artillery 9,719, issue figures show. In the sky, India has 814 fighter planes, it cannot have 425 while Pakistan.

“The problem of (America) is the air force. which remains in force even under the target battle fleet-tactical aircraft. At the same time in national development needs and acquisition projects both out of the wobbly,” The IISS said in a recent report.

Air Defense

The air defense and India will receive the first five S-400s of Russian control by the end of 2020, according to IISS. India is one of the aircraft carriers of the Navy aircraft, 16 submarines, 13 frigates, 14 destroyers, land, and sea. The rescue of about 106 of them, and the fight-75 with a capacity of 67,700 employees who belong.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has a fleet of fewer than 23,800 people, comprising, submarines 8, 9 frigates, 17 of which are around, fighter planes and ships, and the sea coast, 8 maybe, he is in The IISS 2019 the amount charged. According to knitting, India has between 140 and 140 nuclear warheads in Pakistan only 130 to 150.

Military branches

Indian Armed Forces: Army Navy (contains soldiers), (Air Force paramilitaries), Coast Guard, Defense Security Corps. Ministry of Interior paramilitary forces, central armed police (includes Assam Rifles. The Industrial Security Security limit of the Indo-Tibet Police Central Reserve Police, and the national security guard Sashastra Seema Bal).

Pakistan Army | Indian Army: National Guard

Pakistan Army (includes National Guard), Pakistan Navy (includes soldiers, Maritime Security Agency) of the Pakistan Air Force (Pakistan Fiza). Paramilitary forces of the Ministry of Interior, Frontier Corps, Pakistan sauce.

Pakistan Army | Indian Army: Military service age and obligation

16-23 years for voluntary military service; to explain to the soldiers, the battle was not until the age of 18. The women had to fight with all their strength. 45 years of age are required to keep 50 officers.

16-18 years of age for volunteers for military service (1/2 Army 17, 17 of the Air Force, Navy 16 1/2). Not cheerfully recruiting, women can join and for the judges so that we can. And the pilots of the moment, your servant, and the war. Under the consideration that the army of the papers

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