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Commonwealth Games – thegkworld

Commonwealth Games – thegkworld: The overall performance of Pakistan in the Commonwealth games. Pakistan has participated in 13 of the previous 21 Commonwealth Games since 1954.

It is most successful was the 1962 Commonwealth Games in Perth, ranking fourth in the overall standings and winning eight gold medals. The most successful wrestling event won 42 medals, including 21 gold medals, and ranked third in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games.

Participation Commonwealth

Between 1972 and 1989 he did not participate in any of these games, where he temporarily retired from the Commonwealth. Pakistan participated in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, from April 4 to 15, 2018. GOLD COAST, Australia.

Some people in Pakistan, especially the Pakistan Sports Council (PSB) and the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) can be happy. Because the country at least won a gold medal in the 21 Commonwealth Games that ended here on Sunday.

Performance Commonwealth

But those who know the truth know that Pakistan did not perform well in the quadrennial event in which a group of 87 members participated in ten disciplines. It is a wake-up call to the sports authorities and you will have to take a sports promotion seriously, otherwise, it will be too late. This is exactly what the country’s main fighter, Muhammad Inaam, feels.

“It is time for our sports authorities to become serious and make a solid plan and investment. It is really terrible for a country to present its team of 87 Commonwealth members and raise only one gold. If we do not learn this time.” Enam said in an interview here on Sunday.

Competition Commonwealth

I don’t think I can compete in the main stages.” Enam won Pakistan’s first gold on Saturday. When he beat Nigeria’s Melvin Bebo in the final of the 86 kg fight here at the Carrara Stadium combat facility. Bebo, 41, is the second in the world. This was Inam’s second gold, which also won gold.

In the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, Inam, 29, wants a great investment in sports. “It’s time to invest. And the path we take is pathetic. There should be some improvement,” Enam admitted, and when asked if he was satisfied with his performance at the Commonwealth Games, the fighter said.


“It wasn’t bad since I was at the level we trained in. Commonwealth Victory can hide your mistakes, but as a player, you must think if you have made mistakes, and I will try to work on my weaknesses and strengthen me more for future challenges. In addition to raising world title in the World Championship Last year’s Beach in Turkey, Enam received the country’s only silver medal at the Commonwealth Combat Championship in South Africa in 2017.

After reaching the Gold Coast, the following key objectives of INAM are the Asian Games and Tokyo Games. But both events are not easy and Enam knows that, in addition to gold in Enam, fighters Tayeb Reza and Muhammad Bilal (57 kg) Rum Brun won Pakistan medals in Gold Coast and raised them Pesos by Noah Dastagir Bot (+ 105 kg) and Talha Talib (62 kg) in bronze in the 12-day event.

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Performance in Commonwealth Games

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