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The Rise and Fall of TikTok – thegkworld

The Rise and Fall of TikTok – thegkworld

The Rise and Fall of TikTok - thegkworld
The Rise and Fall of TikTok – thegkworld

The Rise and Fall of TikTok – thegkworld

• Why is TikTok getting banned? Is the TikTok era coming to an end?
TikTok is getting banned everywhere as the users are promoting immortal, vulgar, and indecent content due to which our new generation is getting totally destroyed day by day.

There are some other controversies as well that it has lots of security issues. As TikTok was gaining lots of traffic therefore more security issues grew with it, so the government of the United States launched a national security review into the ByteDance.

The investigation into the ByteDance was started by the committee of foreign investment in the United States (it is the full form of CFIUS. Basically its work is to review the deals by foreign acquirers due to possible security risks at a national level) The Rise and Fall of TikTok.

The Rise and Fall of TikTok: But unfortunately for some reason, their reviews were not disclosed to the public and it remained confidential, there are chances that sooner or later the report would be disclosed. In April it was found that TikTok has several security threats including intrusive tracking. Steve Huffman on Wednesday said that TikTok is “fundamentally parasitic” and added that it is “spyware” furthermore he instructed people not to download this application.

• History of TikTok

The Rise and Fall of TikTok: In 2014 TikTok was actually introduced as an app called It was an app in which users would do lip-sync on a selected song. either the video would be of fifteen seconds or three minutes. It had many variations in which users could use different kinds of filters and effects. It didn’t take a long time to become a famous app.

In 2016 had around 90 million users but a year later the app was sold to a company named ByteDance for about 800 million dollars and there came an end to the brand In this way, the app was merged with TikTok and all the users of the previous applications were brought up to TikTok.

• The Rise of TikTok

The Rise and Fall of TikTok: Within a short period of time, TikTok became more popular than and now in 2020. It has around 800 million active users. TikTok has been the most addictive app for every age of man.

From the age of five till the age of sixty- three all kinds of people are using it and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that from rural areas to urban areas it is being loved everywhere. Previously people were using this app for entertainment but very soon users started to get profit by earning money through TikTok.

The one who had many fans on TikTok would become a sensation for the public and there at this point, they started to earn money through this application, now the most common question arises that if the users are getting that much advantages then how much enormous profit were the founders of TikTok gaining? Well, that’s of course a common sense that beyond our expectations the founders of TikTok are getting profits.

• Which countries banned TikTok?

Which countries banned TikTok
Which countries banned TikTok

The Rise and Fall of TikTok: Tiktok has been banned in most of the countries among those United States was the first one to take any action against this application. Apart from the United States, the countries which played a huge role in eliminating this application were India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and etc. In 2018 TikTok also got banned in Indonesia for a short period of time but soon it became available

• Different reasons for countries on regarding ban this application

1-Pakistan: – TikTok has been banned in Pakistan on the 9th of October 2020 as the government failed to eliminate the vulgar content which promoted pornography.

The Rise and Fall of TikTok: Pakistan

2-India: – Due to a border clash between China and India at least 20 soldiers of India died therefore on the 29th of June 2020 TikTok was suddenly banned in India.

The Rise and Fall of TikTok: India

3-Indonesia: – In 2018 TikTok was banned in Indonesia which was just for a temporary purpose and the reason behind it was to get rid of vulgarity which was increasing day by day due to inappropriate content but soon after a week, it became available.

The Rise and Fall of TikTok: Indonesia

4-Bangladesh: – Last year TikTok was also banned in Bangladesh and the reasons behind it were not different from Pakistan and Indonesia.
5-United States:- The president of the United States Donald Trump has said that very soon this application is going to get banned in the U.S, but still there are no new updates regarding that whether this app is banned or not. The reason behind this decision is that the U.S has claimed this Chinese app as a security threat.

The Rise and Fall of TikTok: Bangladesh

• Countries in which TikTok is available

In several countries, TikTok is still available among those most of them are Asians such as Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

• The fall of TikTok

As it is an obvious fact that nothing remains forever in the same way popularity also has a decline, due to bans in various countries TikTok which was gaining lots of profits suddenly faced a huge loss. ByteDance a Chinese company is set to suffer Rs 45000 core loss due to the ban of TikTok.

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