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Women’s World Cup 2019 – thegkworld

Football Women’s World Cup

Women’s World Cup 2019: The FIFA Women’s World Cup is an international soccer competition played by high-level women’s national teams of FIFA members. The international governing body for the sport. The competition has been held every four years since 1991.

When the inaugural tournament, called the FIFA Women’s World cup Championship, was held in China. Women’s World Cup, According to the current format of the tournament, national teams compete for 23 places in the qualifying phase for three years. The host team is automatically placed in 24th place.

Women’s World Cup, The tournament itself instead called the World Cup Final, takes place in host countries for about a month.

Women’s World Cup 2019: Four national teams

Four national teams have won eight FIFA Women’s World Cups. The United States has won four times, including the latter in 2019. Women’s World Cup, The other winners are Germany, two titles, Japan, and Norway each.

Six countries hosted the Women’s World Cup. China and the United States have staged the tournament twice, while Canada, France, Germany, and Sweden once.

Women’s World Cup 2019: Current Trophy

Women’s World Cup, The current trophy was designed in 1998 for the 1999 tournament and takes the form of a spiral squad. Featuring a football at the top, aimed at capturing the sporting, dynamic, and elegance of international women’s football.

Women’s World Cup, In 2010, it was equipped with a conical base. Under the rule, the name of each of the previous winners of the tournament is engraved.

The cup is 47 cm (19 inches) long, weighs 4.6 kg (10 lbs) and is made of sterling silver plated with 23 carats yellow and white gold, and is valued in 2015 at around $ 30,000.

Men’s World Cup Trophy

By contrast, the men’s World Cup Trophy is made of 18-carat gold, and the precious metal is worth $ 150,000. However, the new winner of the trophy is designed to bring every hero back home. Women’s World Cup 2019: While there is only one male held by FIFA with every male champion who takes a replica to the trophy.

Women’s World Cup 2019: The qualifying FIFA tournaments are held in the six continental regions (Africa, Asia, North, and Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Oceania, Europe) and are organized by their respective associations: CAF and AFC.

The North American and Central American Football Association (CONCACAF). Women’s World Cup 2019: The South American Football Association (CONMEBOL), the Oceania Football Federation, and the European Football Association (UEFA).

The advance number of berths awarded

For each tournament, FIFA determines in advance the number of berths awarded to each continental region, based on the relative strength of the federation teams. The hosts of the FIFA women’s world cup an automatic spot in the final. Since the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015. Women’s World Cup 2019: The number of finalists has increased from 16 to 24 and now 32.

The FIFA women’s world cup final tournament has involved 12 to 24 national teams competing for about a month in host countries. Women’s World Cup 2019: There are two stages: the collective phase followed by the phase of removal. In the group stage, teams are grouped into groups of four for each team.

Women’s World Cup 2019: Round-trip Tournament

FIFA women’s world cup Each group plays a round-trip tournament. With each team scheduled for three matches against other teams in the same group. Women’s World Cup The last round of matches of each group is determined at the same time to maintain the equality of the four teams. In the form of 24 teams from 2015.

Women’s World Cup The two teams that finished first and second in each group and the four best among the teams. Women’s World Cup, Which finished third qualified for the round of 16 is also called the knockout stage. Points are used to classify teams within a group. Since 1994, three points have been awarded to win, one to draw and nothing to lose (before, the winners got two points).

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