How to Factory RESET HP Laptop

You’re in the workplace preparing for a presentation and your HP laptop is performing badly OR You are on the last hardest stage of your game with online Friends and your HP laptop suddenly shuts down. Now you are in trouble, oh thinking, what is this going on? How to fix it?

  • These situations heavily affect your performance in a particular environment

Finding a solution on the Internet is the only way. don’t worry we are here to serve you in all kinds of tech-related problems on

This step-by-step guide will help you to solve your problems with How to Factory RESET HP laptops.

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An important “why” to answer

Before diving into your solution topic, We should know about an important question. Why do we have to factory reset our HP laptop?

A factory reset is crucial to improve productivity in your daily work routine.

If your system or machine is in the best working position it will boost your productivity Moreover, It will help you create a useful effect on your professional life.

Reasons to factory reset

Here, are the most common reasons to reset your laptop add a factory reset setting level.

Resolving persistent issues

It is sometimes crucial to resolve serious issues experienced while using an HP laptop, like frequent crashes, sudden freezes, or software-related issues, That remain unresolved during troubleshooting.

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To prepare for transfer or resell your HP laptop

It is a bonus tip to remove all sensitive information about your previous experiences on your HP laptop. Ensuring all data and settings related to you are removed before reselling your laptop.

To improve performance

With the time being, programs or software clutter and create junk files, reducing functionality and response speed in your hardware.

To remove viruses

Sometimes antivirus software alone cannot help you in removing malware and viruses. in this case, it is crucial to factory reset your laptop to increase productivity.

Step-by-step solution guide to factory reset your HP laptop

Secure your all important data in a backup to ensure safety, After initiating the factory reset you will lose everything permanently. After securing your files in a backup, it’s time to start a factory reset on your laptop.

Step 1: Data-Backup


Before starting the factory reset process it’s important to back up your data. You can use, different methods to store your data like using a USB drive or a cloud storage service like Google Drive. These external storage devices can store your images documents and files safely.

Step 2:Above our soul’s connection

While factory resetting your HP laptop make sure your HP laptop is connected to a power source. it will minimize the chances of battery drainage which causes errors in the system while factory reset.

Step 3: Recovery manager access

I.Shut down to start the process

How to shutdown
How to shutdown

To start the factory reset process you have to shut down your HP laptop completely.

II. Turn on your laptop

Turn on your laptop and immediately press the F11 key to get the “Choose an option” screen. It will help you to connect with the HP recovery manager.

Step 4: Select Reset Option

I. Click on troubleshoot

How to Troubleshoot
How to Troubleshoot

By clicking the troubleshoot option on the screen, you will select troubleshoot.

II. Select Reset this PC Option


During troubleshoots selected reset this PC in the HP reset settings screen.

III. Choose a reset option

A screen will appear with two more options.

IV. Keep my files

You can remove your apps and settings but keep your files.

V. Remove everything

It shows this option will erase all the files and information, personal files, apps, and settings.

Now select Remove everything from our complete factory reset.

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Step 5 Finally start the reset process

I. Reset PC

Now click on the reset button to start this magical process. your HP laptop will restart and complete the reset process.

II. Follow instructions

It will take time and some manual clicks to find out the preference to finish the process.

Step 6: Set up your laptop

I. Initial setup

Once the process is reset and complete, your HP laptop will request you to set up Windows, Behaving like a new laptop or computer.

II. Reinstall your applications

Reinstall your necessary applications and now you can restore your files from backup drives or storage services.

Some additional tapes

The use of Recovery media

If the F11 key does not work and you are facing problems while resetting your HP laptop you can create recovery media by using recovery media software, using HP recovery manager which might be a USB or DVD drive.

Contact Support

If there is an error while your factory reset you should consider the option of HP support for assistance. they will fully help you and guide the specific model and issues.


Question: will a factory reset remove Windows from my HP laptop?

Answer: Yes, a factory reset will remove windows from the HP laptop.

Question: Can I cancel the factory reset once it has started?

Answer: Not recommended, while factory reset once it starts you should not stop it it will remove most of the memory files from your HP laptop.

Question: What should I do if the F11 key does not work for accessing the recovery manager?

Answer: If F11 Key does not work and you are facing problems while resetting your HP laptop you can create a recovery media by using recovery media software.


To resolve, many software, performance, and response-related issues, especially viruses and malware regarding problems, you have to find support and reset your HP laptop. it will increase your productivity. Before starting the factory reset, always take precautions regarding data backup and connecting your HP laptop with the power source.

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